Wednesday, March 4, 2015

About the Girls

Following up on my breastform post from last Wednesday:

Breast forms sizes are not uniform.  My go-to forms are the GL-2000 (sounds like a new starship, no?) in size 44.  But it seems that sizes like that are peculiar to that form.

I was looking for an inexpensive form not long ago; I wanted to look for a small form I could perhaps wear under my male clothes, if I could find a bra with a small cup in my band.  I also wanted to perhaps "tone down" my bust a bit for normal Megwear.

Normally, I wear a 38C bra.

The rule of thumb I see over and over again is that when you go up a band size (two inches), you go down a cup size.

Form sizes reflect this.  I find this quite counterintuitive.

By this standard, if I get a form that's made to produce a 32C (they make them; see below), then it would be a 34B or a 36A or...

a 38AA?  Or 38 "flat?"

But they don't.  In fact, I looked at some forms that seemed to follow the same size scheme.  One Glamour Boutique size chart shows:

size 1  32 C 34 B   -- --
size 2  32 D 34 C  36 B  38 A
size 3  32 DD  34 D  36 C  38 B
size 4  -- 34 DD  36 D  38 C  40 B

So I'd guess the size 4 would produce a 32... what comes next?  DDD?  E?  F?  I'm not sure.

And logically, as I said, the size 1 should fit a 36 A or 36 AA but it doesn't.

I'd be happy with a size 1 or 2 if it indeed produced just a 38 AA or a 38 A.

My current "44" is the (tabular) equivalent of a size 4.

When I saw the closeout deal at Glamour Boutique, I jumped at the chance to try the smaller sizes for a low price and I ordered a size 1 and a size 2.

They're larger with my 38 chest than I thought.

That doesn't make the size 1 seriously noticeable though.  Sometimes.  I've been playing, and I can sometimes wear a bra with the size 1 under my drab clothes and they vanish.  Other shirts/bra combinations are more obvious.  I can also wear a bra with the size 2 under male clothes... sometimes.  Not often.

It depends a lot on the bra/form/cami/shirt combination.  A denim shirt worn out will hide almost anything.  The simple difference between tucking a shirt in tightly and loosely may mean the difference between a sports bra and cute bra, or a cutlet and a real form.

So I have choices.  Size 2 when I can.  Size 1 when 2 is too big.  And "chicken cutlets" when size 1 is too much.

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