Wednesday, March 18, 2015

No Dress Code (Abstract)

I'm slowly coming to realise that a part of the joy of dressing (or not) is that I can dress (or not).

It's often a combination of how far out I want to be and what my mood is.  I have everyday options, albeit within (self-imposed) boundaries.  I'm not going to put on the Meg today to go to work, for instance, but my peer somewhere else might.  Or the me in an alternate universe might.  I'd be uncomfortable, mostly reflecting the discomfort of those around me.

For instance, when I attended the gamers meetups, I was always Meg.  That was by plan.  But with Star's game days, I might be Meg or male.  I've been to the same restaurant (with Charity) as Meg or male.

I think this is a freedom that some in the community give up ~ willingly, yes, but they give it up.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Meg

    Very true sometimes I tell my wife I am going out -but there is something in her OK - that I don't. Then she saiys I thought you wre going out. It was ok with her but I stopped myself.



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