Friday, March 13, 2015

90 Days Hath.... Wait. That's Not Right

It's my third mensiversary and, although nothing was said, I'm guessing my 90 day probation period is over.  Hopefully, I was acceptable and I can stay on. 

I'm not really sure so I was planning to write two reviews for Charity.  If she gave me a positive review, I would give her the honest one. The other one I'd giver her as a response to getting the boot.  On that, I'd list all of her faults.  But I not only couldn't think of any, I couldn't make any up that would pass even a cursory challenge so I just wrote up the four-star review and spent my remaining time and imagination on reasons why she can't get a raise this year. :)

(an aside: she went up about 150 points yesterday when she came home with the new Calvin and Hobbes book)

And have a careful Friday the 13th.


  1. Congratulations.
    I am very happy for you both. It was surely a wonderful chain of events, some rather sad, that brought you together. It is the sadness that you both had earlier that may help you appreciate the happiness you now share.


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