Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Eyes Have It

I've been trying to get comfortable contacts that I can actually see with.  At the end of last year, I had my eyes checked and last month I finally got a pair of "test" contacts.

They didn't work so well.  I could wear them, but not read with them.  I picked up (girlish) reading glasses to use with them and shared my issues with the eyedoc.

He gave me another left lens, better for reading.  It was better for reading but not great for reading my phone (but doable). I wore them to work and brought a contact case, reading glasses, and spare glasses with me.

I haven't needed the reading glasses but last Wednesday I had to take the lenses out.  After eight hours all I could think about was how uncomfortable the lenses were.

I went down to my car where I had left my glasses.  At this job I just carry my small crossbody purse and there's not a lot of room for extras.  I put the lenses in a case (with water; I didn't bring any
solution) and put on my glasses.

The only glasses I brought were my Meg glasses. 

This was by design.

I said hi to few people at the office, and after work I saw a client I had visited just a week before. 

They made no comment and probably didn't even notice that sometimes I wear one pair of glasses or no glasses anyway.


  1. If you continue to wear contacts, you may want to go to the pharmacy and get a trial size of saline solution to carry. I wear contacts, and my doctor says there are things in the water that are best "not" put in the eyes with contacts.

    I hope your contacts eventually work for you...


  2. I suspect that people these days are so used to contacts that they barely notice. I tried out contacts but just couldn't get them in or out. I eventually did manage to get a test pair in, when I looked in the mirror I realised they were blue and nearly faked out. Then having finally got a pair in I then struggled to get them out. All in all glasses are a lot easier.

    1. I've worn them for more years than I care to think about. Started back when gas-permeable hard lenses were state of the art. I had trouble getting them out, so they gave me little suction cups to use each night! Touching your eyes with those was fun - NOT! But I soon tried the new soft lenses...and got used to touching my eyes in order to remove them. And now, it's not a problem, hasn't been for years!

      Though I might someday have to wear glasses again, for now - I'll stick to my contacts...


  3. Meg -

    How far do you intend to go on the job? Are you looking to eventually do a full Meg presentation? If so, I hope you can do it without problems, like the fellow who works in the Santa Monica library who has been in the LA Times because of his unusual wardrobe....


    1. I think I'm just planning to stretch the envelop, that's all. It's way majority male; that's a bit inhibiting.

      Wanna send me a link?


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