Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Changes in Latitude

Yesterday, I mentioned that I have only been out once this year... over two months now!

A week or so ago, I also wrote about how I'm stretching the envelope more at work.

When I'm home I'm just as likely to wear jeans as a skirt.  I might be wearing a shirt, or a blouse or a shirt or blouse with some amount of padding underneath (I'm experimenting a bit with the new pads I got this year).  I might try to crunch myself into a corset.  And I might go to the store or to get the mail with full padding under my shirt and jeans under the assumption that nobody expects to see that so nobody will notice.

The only constant I guess is underwear and nightwear....  I've pretty much purged all boy stuff from my underwear/sock drawer, and I only have nightgowns or girl pjs.

My blog subhead says

I am a crossdresser on a journey. Join my comings and goings as I come out a bit, and go out a bit. I don't know my destination.

And it's unusual that something I came up with almost five years ago is not only still relevant but maybe more relevant than it was when I wrote it.

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  1. I just looked back at Meg 7th June 2010, in many ways you have come a long way, in others, well what do you think?


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