Monday, March 23, 2015

No Dress Code (Thesis Part III)

Friday I mentioned the "reasons" portion of the "reasons or urges" times I go out.  I don't know if all Meg events fit into one of those categories, but they're definitely most outings.

Urges are time when I just want to go out and do it as Meg.  Sometimes I just want to go to the city or shopping or to the theatre as Meg.  So I do.  I have no problem going to the same shop or museum or whatever as Meg/non-Meg because no-one's going to remember me from one visit to the next.  If I'm shaved and want to feel the wind on my legs and have the extra time, Meg will go.  If not, Meg may go, or not.

Sometimes, I just put on a dress or skirt around the apartment because it's comfortable.  And sometimes that turns into "I really want to go 'full Meg' and I do.

The nice thing about my current situation is, I can often make a decision at the last minute ~ sort of.  I do need to ensure I've been in maintenance mode so I can (relatively) quickly get ready.

And to get back to my original topic, I can choose to be Meg or not.  Even in the "Meg always goes," I can come out and go as non-Meg.  I just have to be ready for the consequences.

Those of us who are or see themselves as going full-time, pre- or post- or no-op, lose the "non-Meg" option... mostly.  Girls can go out in a sort of Victor/Victoria mode and get away with it.  Or just decide androgynous is one of their looks.  I suspect that most transwomen will consider the effort they put into becoming their true selves and not go back-and-forth.  Again, this is from the gut.

I have an option that they, for all practical purposes, do not.  I'm not saying my lifestyle path is better, just that it's right for me.  If my path led me to transition, then giving up the male option would be pure relief, and never a burden.

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  1. Bingo and congratulations on finding the lifestyle path "That's right for you". That is all anyone can strive for and hope to achieve.


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