Monday, August 25, 2014

Um, I'm Out Today

But away out, not out out.

I'm in San Francisco today.

Actually, I'm starting the day in San Francisco and I'll be finishing the day in San Jose or somewhere in the valley.

I'm pre-posting this before the trip but if all went according to plan we visited Alcatraz and they let me leave.  We also stopped at spots on the waterfront, Coit Tower, Chinatown, maybe Berkeley.

I tried desperately to get a tour of the Tesla factory but I couldn't convince them.  I tried everything except bribery.  Hey, I'm still Jewish.  I have limits.  :)

NO dressing this week.  I won't even be able to do girl clothes shopping, alas.  I can probably get a nice Rice-a-Roni dinner though.


  1. After yesterday's 6.0, be sure to try your drinks shaken, not stirred.

    Be safe.

  2. Be aware of the chance of aftershocks from Sunday morning's earthquake

  3. Used to live out there...nice place to VISIT! Have a great time... Did you get to experience the earthquake?


  4. Meg -

    It's shame you can not be "out" to your family.... California is a wonderful place to travel en-femme, having done so myself while there. I can't wait for the opportunity to go back there again one day....


  5. Hi Meg- Its Diane from Long Island we met at Chillis I now live in San Jose. You should get to Carlas on race st in San Jose

  6. Nice try at the Tesla factory. They could probably sell tours. Did you see the YouTube video of a Tesla on fire? Spectacular. Apparently the passenger compartment was not compromised - they did think about a battery fire.
    One of my colleagues used to work at an instrumentation company who were doing a package for Tesla. They got to test drive the thing at the least excuse. He said that the acceleration was relentless all the way up to max speed - at which point it abruptly levels out. Jealous? who, me? 8-)


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