Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Simple Pleasure ~ Forced Feminisation

Being forced to crossdress is a common crossdresser fantasy.  I wonder if it still has the same power with younger dressers as it did with older ones.  I'm hopeful that as it becomes more accepted and out the guilt will go away.  And guilt drives the "forced" fantasy.

Growing up before the internet, if one had the urge to crossdress you were probably convinced that you were the only one in the world with this bizarre desire.  And without even discussing it, you knew it was wrong.  So if someone makes you wear a dress, well, it's still horrible but you had no choice.

I never expected to be in a forced fem situation myself, but....

I wouldn't make someone else dress.  It's not in my nature to make people do what I want.  I wouldn't be on the receiving end because, well, I'm OK with dressing.  There are aspects some like (pain, or humiliation, for instance) which I'd not do voluntarily, but that's not my fantasy either.

But, quite inadvertently, I treated a male as a female, and referred to him by female pronouns and a female name.  But it's quite clear "she" is male, and wouldn't pass for female and I don't plan to change my behaviour.

So for the next 15+ years the only full-time male in the apartment is going by the name "Gem."  She doesn't seem to mind.  I guess cockatiels can learn some works but not their meaning.

Yes, no doubt she's a boy.


  1. For years a television staple was "Lassie". On the show Lassie was a female dog. "Good girl, Lassie" was a line heard on every episode.
    It is my understanding that the role of Lassie was actually played by as many as 17 different male collies.

  2. Do let us know how you get the stockings on over Gem's gnarly toes. Oh, also wondering whether the forms affect her flight aerodynamics.

    ;-). Rhonda

  3. And there are those of us genetic male humans. who have been blessed with names that are now predominantly used by females. If I weren't TG, I'd probably consider changing it.

    Instead, I'm grateful that events have worked out this way...


  4. Heya Meg-

    I find it so odd how many times the search string "wives forcing their husbands to cross dress" is used to find my blog. Especially considering that I have never written about that ever! I agree with you on the theory that this fantasy removes the participant from being the responsible party. They want to do it, but can't own it, so what to do?? Hmm if someone forces it on them then they have to do it and can't be blamed! Odd how some brains attempt to make this TG thing okay.

    Thanks for the thoughts cutie!


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