Saturday, February 15, 2014

What is Wrong with Mike du Jour?

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I think the author, Mike Lester, either knows where the skeletons are buried or he works really really cheap.  He did a horrid "Anthony Bourdame" week.  Please don't hate me, but I'm going to post another of his [sarcasm]wonderful[/sarcasm] crossdress weeks.

He really needs to spend some time with some t-folk.  His parody is awful and he could set the movement back ten years, if anyone read his strip.  (For the record, I think the "buckaroo" strip I posted was his last funny one.)

By the way, I've criticised topics in cartoons before, and once a cartoonist himself.  But I readily admit that (a) I would have loved to have been a cartoonist (b) I could never produce a fresh, truly funny idea daily and (c) the artwork in XKCD is way beyond anything I could draw.

I bring you the (groan) crossdressing crossing guard.

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  1. So, so bad.

    The only amusing thing about this is that I can see Mike Lester feeling like he was not only being funny but also being very progressive by portraying a crossdresser as a "good guy." I suspect he woke up one morning with the phrase "crossdressing crossing guard" and thought he could get a whole week out of it.

    I don't know if this will set the movement back 10 years. It's offensive, of course, but so dumb that it's difficult to feel really offended.


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