Sunday, February 9, 2014

Actual Sign

This is apparently in the restrooms in Sochi.
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I think #2 is either "lift the lid" or "don't shoot bb's at the toilet."

#3 is "please barf on the floor only."

#4 is "it is dangerous to squat on the toilet because if it explodes you will be propelled into the back wall."

#5 is really "fishing is OK but catch-and-release only but they couldn't fit that in one picture.

#6 is either no playing with toy blimps in the bathroom or no injectible drugs in the toilet ~ weed and coke only.

Comments are open.  Send me your interpretations. :)


  1. Actually, number 4 is dangerous because it's been known to break porcelain bowls, resulting in severe lacerations.

  2. #2, Please do not stand to use the toilet as it disturbs the flies and other insects.

    #3, we have set aside prayer rooms for you, please do not use the toilets for praying.

    #4, you may have failed to win a medal but please don't flush yourself down the loo as it causes blockages.

    #6, if you must do the splits in the toilets please do not use painkillers as we like to enjoy your yells of agony when you get stuck.

  3. I'm pretty sure #2 is "don't shoot bb's at the toilet."

  4. 6. Don't spray paint big giant X's on the wall.

  5. #2 - "Our aim is to keep this bathroom mildly germ infested, your aim will help:
    #3 - "You must recycle your vodka in the vodka recycling unit only. Do not drive the Buick"
    #4 - "Please do not use the throne to access the ceiling vent. You are in the Lefortovo Hotel for a reason"
    #5 - "Do not write love letters to Vladimir Putin on the wall with your bodily fluids. 867-5309 is nobody's phone number in Russia"
    #6 Do not attempt to do the splits after drinking vodka in Russian bathroom.


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