Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Washington DC, St Paul MN, NYU, Bridgewater MA, VA Tech, Albany, Madison WI, Grinnell IA...

...you're in luck.

(quick note: a couple of readers suggested I misspelled Ms Monk's name.  It is indeed "Mock.")

Janet Mock has been in the news, thanks to the (suddenly cancelled) Piers Morgan.  I don't know a lot
about Ms Mock but I want to learn more.  I just need some time, and a good place to start would probably be to peruse her website, read her book, and maybe go to one of her talks and book signings.

The lucky people mentioned above are in target cities of her book tour.  DC is tonight and, alas, I can't make it.

You can find her upcoming events at janetmock.com/events.  Ignore the graphic (copied here); it's out of date.  Scroll down to see her tour dates; it looks like it's quite in flux so if your city is not listed you may want to check back every few days.

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