Friday, February 7, 2014

One More Week....

A special note to all you ladies who still worry when you're buying cosmetics, unmentionables, or other girl things in the store.

You have special dispensation for a week.  Buy those cosmetics (you can have a list of colours "that I got from her bathroom" or get a set in a nice case).  Pick up stockings, a dress, a bra-and-panty set that catches your eye....  This week, it's all for your honey.  If you are sure everyone is laughing at you when you buy cute clothes in April (they're not, by the way), they're all wishing they had boyfriends like you when they assume it's all for Valentine's Day.

And some of them will wish their boyfriends would not only buy sexy things, but that they'd wear them too.


  1. I find it much easier to just buy for myself, whenever necessary. :-)

  2. I'll do one even better, how about a year, better yet, the rest of your life. Salespeople DONT CARE. THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE. Unless you are a regular customer, in which they treat you like a friend.

    You have probably never seen them before in your life , and will probably never see them ever again, ditto for them. They don't ask for your ph number or email address to harass you or to tell all their friends and your friends.

    I regularly go shopping dressed, NEVER a problem.
    I have occasionally shopped in boy mode, and sometimes they ask if I'd like to try something on.
    Their job is to move merchandise. Younger females are the most accommodating, but most clerks regardless of age are just as friendly.

    The trendier stores even more so. Express, the Limlted.
    Arden B, etc. I have many times been in the fitting room, and I can hear a girl and boyfriend, male friend, etc. in the stall next door.

    The bonus is getting the right size and fit when you buy, it saves a trip to return it. You know that you can go up or down a size depending on the brand.

    The fact is that you probably look completely different in boy mode than when you are a woman.

    My friends that know me as both say that rather than looking like a brother and sister , I like more like a husband and wife in different modes, that is I appear to related by marriage rather the blood.

    The point is you do not need special permission to go out and be yourself/who are you are.

    But if you are still scared, I will give you carte Blanche to go out and have a little fun, try something on for me.


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