Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Catch My Eye

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I see a lot of articles with LGBT headlines.  Almost always, the article turns out to be LGB-centric with no T-content whatsoever.  Articles about Michael Sam, gay marriage, and Russia's attitude towards gay athletes all reference T as if that's part of the story and it isn't.

If I can, I often comment or write the author or editor about how sexual orientation is not the same as gender identity.  I'm not sure who's idea it was to add T to LGB.  I do remember when it was "gay rights," even though the drag community was largely responsible for bringing gays to the headlines.

I'm not sure if LGB (L was a requested [demanded?] split to differentiate between male and female gay members) added T to "beef up" their numbers or if it was to acknowledge the drag community (where it is part of the LGB umbrella).  Or was T added at the request of the T community, because we all do face similar societal ostracisation.

Maybe I'm in the minority here.  It does bother me when I read a headline, expect to see trans-issues and only see gay community issues.

Don't get me wrong ~ I am strongly in favour of gay rights.  I am strongly in favour of all human rights.  But when I have expectations based on headlines, I would like them to be met.

Tomorrow: actual gender news!


  1. I feel the exact same way as you about T-stuff! I'm sure many of us "T"s do. Know (and NO) you're not in a minority!

  2. Meg -

    It's easier to make a bad grouping of GLBT, than to explain each gender variance. And the general public does not yet understand what the nature of being transgender is - but they are learning.

    Sooner or later, the T's in GLBT will have to form a unique and separate identity in the public mind. But we have to show, just like the gays did, that we are normal people in their midst. And that is the problem - it's easier to lead ignorant people to fear us, as most of us can't live in stealth mode.

    But with exposure comes familiarity - and it is with the quiet coming out to friends, the socialization in our preferred gender expression and identity, and learning not to fear the hate mongers, that we will gain the acceptance to which we have a right....


  3. I see things the same as you do. I favor all rights but it seems like the T was just an add on for the convenience of others and without much thought other than as a good way to package things..


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