Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Funnies: Food, Glorious Food!

Please look at Friday's post and take the poll.  If you want to comment or write me, I'm hoping I can follow up with your thoughts.

On another note, did anyone see that incredible end to the USA-Russia hockey game the other day?  Wow!

A variety of cartoons today, loosely tied to food.  And no, I won't eat my snappy sticks.

Without the "Grrr" it's a fail

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  1. Thanks for posting a great bunch of comics today (helps cleanse the palate after the not at all good Mike Lester comics from yesterday),

    I'm a big fan of snappy sticks. Baked on a flat pan with just a little bit of olive oil.

    Totally agree the orange juice comic doesn't work nearly as well without the "grrr."


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