Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Madness! Shear Madness!

Before I start, I need to apologise to the people (and groundhogs) of Punxsutawney.  I butchered the spelling of that li'l town on Sunday!

Also, of the 4 (!) readers who've seen Americathon, no-one hated it.  The others might have turned it off and wiped the memory; I'll never know.  But it's worth watching, if you can find it.  Really.

As I said, Shear Madness plays at the Kennedy Center, which is in DC, just over a bridge from VA on route 66, less than a dozen miles from my apartment.  Nothing is ever easy in DC, and you have to drive around and loop to get to the Center.  Getting back is easier, but there's often a backlog of cars.  There are several shows at the Kennedy Center, and if they get out at the same time, or if there's a popular show, leaving might take some time.  It took forever to get out after seeing a performance of Hair a few years ago.  Since the show gets out around 9, and I have to be at work early Monday, I'd prefer to not sit in traffic a long time.

The Kennedy Center is also a dressy kind of place.  Men in suits or sports jackets, women in nice dresses; sometimes even gowns (but I would expect Shear Madness to be more casual than, say, a National Symphony appearance).  Yes there are jeans and polo shirts, but the women mostly dress up and probably encourage their partners to do the same.

I had two dresses picked out.  Both are greenish.  This was the choice:
teal green velvet
3/4 sleeveslong sleeves
knee lengthmaxi length
high backhigh back
lowish V neck      lowish scoop neck

Shoes were limited.  My mid-heel Mary Janes, a mid-heel pump, my favourite pumps.  My boots
Meg @ Home
were uncomfortable as were other more pointed shoes ~ that broken toe, though healing nicely, doesn't need the extra pressure.

Afternoon temperatures were in the low 60s, so I figured I could skip a coat that night.  My outdoor activity would be to walk from the apartment door to the car and back.  Parking at the Kennedy is underground and cost more than the ticket to the show!

I was concerned about restrooms.  I know the theater often has long lines for restrooms, and I didn't care to stand in a line.  I want to get in and out as quickly and quietly as possible.

Oh....  I decided to go with the shorter teal dress.  The other one can probably wait until the holidays.  Or a Renaissance festival.

As you can see from the picture, I didn't go with the shorter teal dress.

I had tried on the teal dress a couple of days before and I liked the way it fit. 

I put on my makeup and got ready and changed my mind about shoes.  I had a brown pair that would go nicely with brown tights.  They have a rounded toe and higher heel.

Then I grabbed the dress and my mind was changed for me.  The teal dress which fit nicely just a few days ago barely zipped up and was incredibly tight.  I have no idea what happened between Thursday and Sunday, but that dress was OUT.

I went with my burgundy cowl neck dress that I had worn to a previous game night.  It would also be warmer than the teal and I knew it would be cool when I got home (as I said, it was over 60 when we left for the show.  Six more weeks of winter?  HA!).

I also made a bad choice: I never know whether to put on my padded panty over or under my hose.  It seems like under is the logical choice: women wear their built-in pads under their panties; hose should stretch over the pads.  But over the hose is more comfortable since this panty can dig in at the leg openings.  I went with under.

As I said, bad choice: I had strapped on my shoes and it was getting late.  My newly chosen dress has a more flared skirt and I really didn't need the padded panty.  But removing shoes, hose, panty, restoring hose, shoes was too much bother.  I left it on.

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  1. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Sometimes, but rarely, does the dressing go smoothly. More often I find that the underwear does not work with the top or the hose does not go with the skirt or the shoes have to be changed 3 times before I get rolling. I am always amazed at how well women deal with these issues.


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