Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Madness

The drive to the Kennedy Center was uneventful, although I did what I thought the GPS was telling me to do, not what it was actually telling me to do and the drive was a little longer (past the Jefferson Memorial) and a little more annoying (crossing Rock Creek Parkway) than it should have been.  Driving alongside the Center, looking to loop around to park, I found a little lit sign that said parking was open so I turned in.  I paid the man the $22 to park and he gave me a receipt.  Nothing unusual at all.

The parking garage was fairly empty; I suspect the Super Bowl was responsible.

Up the elevator to the box office... which was closed.  We were directed to a different box office on a different level where helpful people said "what are you ladies looking for?"  I said "ticket pick up" and we were directed to a window where I gave the man my (alas, male) surname; he gave me an envelope, and we went on our way.  Nothing unusual at all.

Ugh!  My hair is trying to escape!
And that set the scene for the evening.  "Ladies" and nothing unusual at all.

I asked a helpful-looking gentleman where the theatre for Shear Madness was.  He said "you ladies should try to get there early" and explained that they have a great soundtrack and they do some amusing things on stage and it's worth getting there early.  He was so nice and polite I just listened until he stopped and I asked again where was I supposed to go?  He finally pointed the way.  I was wondering if he was going to talk until curtain time, but it's nice to interact.

It turns out they had (a great soundtrack) and they did (amusing things).  The music was a little bit of 60s, and 70s and 80s.  The setting was predominantly pink, but the clientele was male (at least tonight).  The actors came out and cut someone's hair before the show started in a mostly mime, fairly fun fashion.

Interestingly, there are six cast members: two women and four men.  They listed two understudies, one male, one female; each had responsibility for three roles.  I guess one role (say, the assistant policeman) could be a male or female role, but for a while I was intrigued.

During intermission, we stayed in our seats and the actors talked to audience members.  At one point, the actor who played the main hairdresser said "where are you ladies from?"

After the show, even though the theatre was quiet and there were out-of-the-way restrooms, I declined to use the opportunity.


  1. I am still amazed! We have all come this far, and how accepting society views have changed. How accepting people have become. I never in my lifetime thought that there would be nothing usual about paying $22 to park your car. How would of thunk it just 10 years ago, we have truly come a long way. Thanks to all the brave trailblazers that made it possible for the rest of us.

    Next on our list........the restroom!

  2. $22 to park a car? Not surprising for DC, I guess.
    Meg, you beat me to all the good CD outing ideas; I have tickets to see "Spamalot" Sunday night (Louisville is waaaayyyyyy off Broadway......).

  3. Annie ~ let me know when your post is up so I don't miss it!


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