Friday, February 28, 2014

A Review, of Sorts

A few minutes ago, I tried Nair on my arms, underarms, and upper chest.  You may recall I really liked Veet, even though I always kept it on for the maximum time or it wasn't effective.  You may also recall that my last experience wasn't particularly pleasant.

In fact, it was downright painful.  I had what looked and felt like burns for quite a while, but Veet was also effective.

I bought some Nair for sensitive skin a few weeks ago, but time and temperature kept me from trying it.  I finally had a warmish apartment and an hour to invest.

Some thoughts:
Nair is neater.  It's applied with a small smooth sponge and removed with the other (bumpy) side.  I barely got any on my palms.  Veet is applied with your hand which means if you're trying to defur the back of your hand, it's hard to keep the stuff in its place.

Nair comes off neater.  Veet gives you a pink plastic spatula to remove the goo.  I find it leaves tracks.  It's kind of like a Veet razor.

Both are slimy.  That's not the right word, but they feel very slick.

Veet works better.  Nair took off a lot of hair, but it left a lot too.  I would not use this right before going out ~ there's too much touch up.

Nair is weird.  After my shower, I found a lot of hair, including some long ones that stayed in.  But I could grab and break them off easily, like pulling a tree with no root.  Weird.

And the Nair stayed on for about six or seven minutes (they suggest three, no more than ten).  My right arm started tingling and I thought it was time.  I'm not sure yet if I'll have that burn like I did after the Veet.  I'll let y'all know soon.

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