Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Simple Pleasure ~ Getting Comfortable

I have the opportunity to make my own choices.  I have responsibilities to family, of course, but day-to-day I'm mostly responsible only for myself.

So when I get home from work, I leave a trail of male outer shell and put on a skirt or dress with
more appropriate underclothes as quickly as I can.  I get out my wig, and makeup and Meg comes out.  On weekends, my drab self doesn't appear at all.

Or not.

Most days, I don't change at all when I get home.  The other (minority) days, I may change my outer clothes but I do it for comfort or just because I feel like it.  Or I may try on earrings that I'm not sure about (clip-on earrings were invented during the Inquisition).  Or shoes I'm not sure about.  Or a little eye liner and mascara because I like the way it looks or because I need some practice or because I'm not sure it's still good and I want to keep or toss it.

As I was thinking about this, and writing it, I took it as an argument against going full-time.  But in reality, it could be making the opposite point: if I was full-time I wouldn't change when I got home or had a free day anyway.  I'd already be there.

The picture is from the Kennedy Center parking garage.


  1. Meg -

    I'll agree with you - Most Clip On Earrings are like the Spanish Inquisition. However, there's a little boutique on U Street (on the second floor) which sells antique clothing and jewelry - and at reasonable prices. The place is not fancy, nor are its selections, but I found my two most comfortable pair of clip on earrings there. (It's about a block to the left of the metro station on U street, on the same side as the metro. Just go there late in the day, as the lady maintains 12n-10p hours.)


  2. Meg -

    If one has concerns about a career, going full time might not be a good choice. But if the money supply was secure, and if friends were comfortable with one being en-femme, then why not go full time? In my case, I'll consider it if I'm between jobs, and without a significant other in my life....



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