Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Star Party, Part II

We got to the party and were introduced to the attendees already there.  As I said, I was a bit worried about the children who would be there.

It turned out one girl came to the table where we were playing and I was introduced.  She was fine, once the screaming stopped.  No, I kid.  She treated me like any other woman.  A boy came in later and pretty much ignored the adults.  The adults were old friends of Star and Andrea (who was there in male mode), mostly going back to college days.  We played Power Grid, a new-to-me game, and I misunderstood the rules for the endgame, or I might've won (or at least come very very close!).

But who cares.  We had fun, six of us at one table trying to power different cities and build a contiguous grid more efficiently than the other players.  There were snacks, the players were all fun, and Charity and I teased Star a bit because she kept mixing up our names.

Star told us that a friend of hers, Amanda Simpson, was moving next weekend and asked us if we'd all like to meet for Dim Sum around brunch time and help her move.  I said "of course!"  Most of the other players agreed to at least meet for brunch, even if they couldn't help her move.

I didn't know Amanda, but I knew of Amanda from news stories.  And being a bit of a political junkie, I was thrilled for the opportunity to meet another Obama appointee ~ my first as Meg!

Lesson: I'm learning to be more comfortable in social situations.  Part of that is comfort as Meg.  Part is (finally) understanding my own limitations: introversion, prosopagnosia, problems hearing over background noise.

Realisation: there are more women who accept us (or at least don't mind us) than I thought.

And a moral: you can't go wrong, trusting Star.


  1. If you need conversation openers for next weekend, remember that Amanda lived and worked in Tucson before her Washington appointment, and knows Erin well. Have fun!

  2. Meg -

    Now, I finally know the word for someone who can't discern faces....

    I learn something new every day.



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