Friday, February 15, 2013

If the Mountains Won't Come to Mohammed...

Mohammed must go to the mountains.

I've long wanted a bra that fits, one that sits snugly against my skin, instead of snugly against my forms.

Alas, I could never find a 38AAAAAAAAAAAAA bra.  Seriously, if I was any flatter, I'd be concave, emphasis on the "cave."  And I don't plan on getting those mountains....  Surgery is not for me, and I don't think hormones are a good idea.

I've looked on Amazon, eBay, Lady Grace, and others.  38's, it seems, go down to A.  AA or AAA go up to 36.  I could consider a bra extender, but I decided to keep looking.

There are padded bras in small cup sizes, but what I really wanted was a bra I could wear to work.  That means: small cup, unpadded, white or nude or beige.

A few weeks ago, I found one by chance.  I was in an H&M and found a small cup, unpadded bra but it didn't have a band size.  Then I found what I guess is a training bra.  It's white and lacy and has adjustable straps and is very inexpensive.  It didn't have a band size but it's very stretchy.  It also has no hooks and eyes to close and open it ~ it has a continuous band and I generally step into it and pull it up.  My waist and hips are smaller than my shoulders, after all.

I wear it whenever it's clean and won't show through my shirt.  Or at least I don't think it won't show.

In other news, my delivery is basically done and I won't be working long and late next week so I'll be able to write up last Sunday.  And this coming Sunday, when Meg will be out again.


  1. How about these or these I have not tried these as I tend not to mix, well not too much

  2. Meg -

    Congratulations on getting your project done!!!! (Or, at least your delivery is done.....)


  3. go ogle and find Sloggi Double Comfort top like I'm wearing everyday and they are very comforable and don't show.


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