Friday, February 1, 2013

Civilian Games Redux

I realised that yesterday, I wrote about prepping to go out but I didn't mention where I was going.

Charity and I braved the snow and cold and went to the "civilian" game meetup again.  Charity worked late so I got dressed and did my makeup and was ready to go when she got home.  I did take advantage of her the night before by asking her to take out colours that would go with what I was wearing.  She suggested the denim skirt.  I was going back-and-forth between that and a long black skirt but the boots wouldn't have gone with the black skirt.  The weather made up my mind.

Some of the same people were there, including Star (the woman who held the private party, formerly known as "S").  She brought a game called "Vegas Showdown" which allowed for five players.  The host was going to play but decided that he'd rather wander and see what all the different games were about.  That left two empty seats which Charity and I took.

So we played at a table with two men, two women, and, um, me.

I came in second by one point, but that's not really important.

I was regularly referred to by the two men at the table with female pronouns.  No hesitation, none of those air quotes you can hear: "it's 'her' turn."  The two women are kind of used to trans people and I wonder if they set the mood by referring to me as female and the guys picked up on it.  I didn't notice.

During the game, I joked with the other players and since our table was in the kitchen, with other gamers who wandered in for food or drink.  I engaged in a little small talk with the host's (female) roommate and told her how much I loved her tunic top.  She took the pictures of the table.

While waiting for other games to wind down, I was watching one of the other games.  I turned and noticed another observer looking at me.  My mind reading gland is broken, so I don't know if he was thinking "wow she looks great" or "I think she's the oldest woman in the group" or "I thought I knew everybody" or "I wish I could look like that" or maybe he was just wondering what the weather was like and I happened to be in front of him.  My ego says I should go with the first.

After our game, we had a long chat with the other woman who was at my table last time.  We spoke with the host, told him how much we enjoyed the games and thanked him for opening his house.

Like the preparation, it's becoming routine.  And every time I go out, I enjoy being Meg more.


  1. Meg -

    Isn't "the new normal" great? Do you still feel exuberant, or is a more "quiet" form of happy a better form of describing the feeling?

    You mentioned that the two women at your table were "kind of used to trans people" - I wonder if that is a factor in that group accepting you, or just part of the background chemistry of that group.


  2. Your new normal seems like a good place to be. You seem calmer and more at peace with yourself and the world around you.

  3. What a great tale,Meg! That must be sooo nice!
    Hugs, Sara


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