Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Simple Pleasures: What Not To Wear

A little non-T poll is off to the right.  I just wanted to know what y'all think.

My son's high school needed science fair judges.  I signed up, but not as a Meg event. 

I would have really liked to do it as a Meg event.  There would be new people, and a new experience.

It turns out the first people I saw were people who've known me for years.  One introduced herself to the other people at the table; the other gave me enough details that I knew who he was.   The other two people were women who worked at the White House ~ one was an Obama appointee!

There are a couple of other school-related events I might do (TSA judge, state chess championship assist [although people know me there ~ it'd be an outing]) but, as much as I'd love to appear as Meg, I won't. 

If  I ever seriously consider it, please call me out ~ it means I've gone over the edge and my judgement is even more impaired than I think it is.

If it wasn't my kid's school, I'd consider it.  I'd fantasise about it.  But, like the best fantasies, I'd leave it to my imagination.


  1. Gotta watch out that the pink fog doesn't overcome you!

  2. Meg -

    Only if you were transitioning would these events be OK for a Meg appearance. :-)

    Being more serious, you make good points - they would be great for Meg, save that it is your son and your family relationships that are involved. And you are right - if you seriously consider it, and not only fantasize it, I'll call you out for an intervention....



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