Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Simple Pleasures ~ Work From Home

Telework is permitted at my current job.  You need to be pre-approved, unless the government has "liberal leave" (ie, a snow day).

Generally, I don't work at home.  Sometimes, it makes more sense.  For instance, I can't load unapproved software onto my work computer.  If I need to do something with work data, I can copy it to my home machine (it's all unclassified, no personal information) and run a program that massages the data there.  It's a one-way trip, since I can't put the data back, but that's often helpful.

But now, when I do work at home, it's an all-Meg day.  I probably won't get completely dressed, but I'll start early in my nightgown and anything I change into will be not just girl but girl.

The biggest problem is, I want to go to work every day as Meg.

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