Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day Off

Last Wednesday, I took a rare day off.  I had a use-it-or-lose-it situation, and although we're at a project crunch and I'm working overtime, I thought a free day would do me good.

After breakfast, I changed into a dress ~ a fairly new one that I thought looked a bit off, but as I wore it that day it seemed fine and a good candidate for the upcoming clothing swap.  Mid sleeves, lined, zip back, pretty....  I wore it for a few hours and deemed it acceptable.

I did some organising: I cleared off a shelf by consolidating some things and tossing others.  I finally started to tackle Boxes In The Closet ~ not clothes, but papers and other things I have kept and I'm not sure why.  I made a point of tossing at least as many items as I kept.

I epilated and shaved hands, arms, and legs in preparation for the weekend clothing swap.

I wrote a couple of posts, cropped some pictures, and read a couple of blogs I wanted to catch up on.  One belonged to Ali who is a new reader and I'd love it if she'd drop me a note. Heck, I love to hear from you all.  Write anytime!

Winter was in remission so I did a bit of grocery shopping ~ in drab, alas.  But the few hours in a dress were a fine way of relaxing.

I think I need to figure out how to get a midweek day off every month or so.  I felt good at the end of the day!

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  1. Being self employed it is a bit easier for me, but I do try to take at least one day off each month. I ussually try to do something "cultural" with the time, go to an exhibition or visit a garden, but make sure I have a full Paula day.


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