Friday, February 8, 2013

Post Swap

The Clothing Swap!  What a crowd!

I forgot to hand the camera to someone else to get Meg pics at the swap, but I took a few.  There were well over 100 women there and if there's a safer place among civilians, I don't know what it is.

(don't forget the poll)

A week or so before the swap, Charity picked up some items in Walmart that we needed to return.  So after the swap, we headed to Walmart.  We didn't spend a lot of time there: the line for customer service was oppressive and we decided to try again some other time.  I guess we could have looked at some items there, but we chose not to and went to our next stop: Michael's.

Charity enjoys crafts, especially scrapbooking and Michael's is her nirvana.  We spent a bit of time there and eventually planned to go to our next stop.

Paying at the Giant
Our next planned stop was the gamer's Super Bowl party.  They started at 1 and we going to run through the end of the game.  This was a different group than we had met in the past, and I was game (ha!).

But the more I thought about it... it was after 3 already so we wouldn't be staying very long.  Also, I was a bit (OK, very) overdressed for the game group.  This kind of made me think it would be best if we skipped today, so we did.

Instead, we did some grocery shopping at the supermarket near our apartment.

I'm happy to say that, with the crowds and all, it was completely uneventful.  There were no awkward civilian encounters.  The only thing I love more than being treated as a woman is being ignored.

Generally, after an afternoon out, I change.  Sometimes, I stay dressed for a short while, enjoying the feeling but I change sooner rather than later.

Nobody cares.  That's good, right?
Sunday, I took off my heels (ouch) and my earrings (ouch ouch) and left everything else on for the rest of the day.  I was dressed for dinner, I stayed dressed into the evening.  I finally changed when it was time to go to bed (and from there I went directly to nightgown).

I'm not sure what was different from other days, but it felt right and I enjoyed it.  In fact, I was ready to go back out after dinner.  I just didn't have anywhere in particular to go.


  1. Nice profile Meg, I can’t remember seeing you this way before but I must say you do look lovely and handsome from this perspective too.

  2. Wow, you sure have been the busy girl. The swap, WalMart, Michaels, the grocery store and the gamers. 5 separate civilian encounter spots in one day. Very impressive. From the photos it looked like you blended in perfectly.
    I like to be dressed as much as possible. There was no reason for you not to stay dressed at home until it was bed time.

  3. Meg -

    The more you write, the more like a natal female you become with your actions while en-femme. Just the idea of staying dressed (and I'm not referring to being in female clothes, but referring to being in the clothes you were in all day) is something a natal female would do.

    Regarding the clothing swap....

    If you see anything nice in a size 3x (top and dress) and 2x (bottom) that would look good on me..... ;-)

    But seriously, you are the busy gal out there. You are an inspiration to us all.


    ps: While writing this, the movie "Connie and Carla" was on.... (I love Nia Vardalos!)

  4. You looked like the average ordinary middle aged woman picking up some groceries on a winter's day. Which is exactly what most of us want to do. You looked confident and comfortable in this picture. As a CD, doing ordinary things can have such special results.


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