Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not Dressed Up and Somewhere To Go

As I mentioned earlier this week, Star invited a dozen or so friends to a Chinese restaurant for a Dim Sum brunch.  As I also mentioned earlier, the brunch was to be a prelude to helping her friend move into her new house.  As I also mentioned, I don't like to mix boy and girl presentation.

What I didn't mention: late in the week, a cold that seemed to be simmering until my project deadline passed erupted.  Saturday was drippy nose day and I started to worry about going out at all the following day.  Even if I were to go out, I worried about going out dressed.  I don't think foundation and drippy nose are the optimal formula for a smooth complexion.

I wanted to help.  I wanted to meet Amanda.  I sort of wanted to try a new food.

(Note to readers: I'm not fond of trying new foods.  At my house [and growing up], we had a limited repertoire of dinners, for example.  I eat pretty much the same breakfast every day [and that doesn't bother me].  I never had Mexican food until the company group I was with went to a seriously Mexican restaurant in San Antonio.  But Charity likes (a) to cook and (b) variety and I've gotten over that "no thank you" response to some extent.  So I wasn't going to reject Dim Sum, but I wasn't going to be gung ho about it.)

But I didn't want to present as male.

But I didn't see a choice ~ I wasn't at my best that morning.  I was planning on wearing a casual top and jeans (as Meg, a first!  Meg in pants!) and flats or maybe my girl sneakers.  Instead, I wore a casual top and jeans and sneakers and went in drab.

It turns out it was a good thing.  A very very good thing.  Thalia was on her toes, watching over me that day.


  1. That, young lady, is a heck of a cliffhanger. Looking forward to hearing what fate the gods, Thalia, and your developing female intuition saved you from. Also, hope that cold has run its course.

  2. Meg -

    What did you think of Dim Sum? (It's one of my favorite things....) Hopefully, Charity's influence in your life is exposing you to a wider culinary palette.

    Meg in pants? That would be a first. But as much as I prefer to wear dresses and skirts, pants are often in a natal woman's wardrobe. And there is a time and place for them. And if it weren't for your cold, presenting as Meg, but in pants shouldn't have been a problem. (With a cold, having to deal with a runny nose is a bitch - especially with worrying about one's foundation and beard cover.)

    Yes - you have Thalia, where I have an unnamed Pooka with a kind, warm hearted nature. (It certainly isn't Harvey - he'll still with Elwood B. Dowd.)


  3. That's mean, leaving us all on tenterhooks. Trousers should definitely form part of your wardrobe, look at what other girls wear, they are so usefull, casual or formal, jeans or tailored.


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