Monday, February 4, 2013

And To All A...

A while back, I wrote about my newest favourite nightgown.  I have a new one.

Really short nighties and baby dolls are cute and sexy and SO not me.

Like everything else Meg, I own Too Many nighties.  I just took a quick count and there are four short (miniskirt length) gowns and four long (ankle length) gowns.  And one baby doll with matching panties.

I also have a few pair of pajamas that I wore when I was at the house.  All are from the lingerie department, but now all are in a box, put away in storage.  I did leave out one pair of shortie pjs.

As the weather became cooler, I decided I wanted a long flannel gown.  Yes, they're incredibly unsexy, but they are gowns and suited to purpose.

Did I say "unsexy?"  The flannel gowns I saw were horrid.  The patterns were hideous and they looked like no-one without great-grandchildren would wear.

Then I found the gown I'm wearing here.  It's like a brushed cotton.  It has a soft lining.  It is in what I think is my favourite colour ~ purple.

And it's cute.  The picture below shows the upper body detail (click for Even More detail).
The slippers are girl Dearforms.  It can be hard to find wide girl slippers.

And yes I take my makeup off before going to bed.


  1. Meg -

    It looks like the picture doesn't do the nightie justice.... The color pink is perfect for you - as well as the longer nightie.

    Over the years of being in the closet, I bought way too many nighties for my needs. I guess it was the fact that I could wear them in the house *and* for them to be functional and appropriate for type of use. And I gravitated first to the longer gowns. Did you gravitate to one gown type over the others originally? For example, the old movies we would have watched when younger only showed women in longer gowns - did this have an effect on your early choices of nighties?


  2. Like you I enjoy the long silky, shiny, enbroidered, gowns. I probably have 12 of 'em. I've also found shorter versions and have a half dozen of those. What's neat about these items is that you wash them and they come out looking like new even if there years old!

  3. It is cute! I really like the embroidered details on the top.


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