Tuesday, April 28, 2015

They Don't Know It...

Starting back in 2004, I got involved in some political meetups.  I don't think we ever did much good for the candidates but I met quite a number of like-minded people.

I really don't remember what sort of joke I made originally to my friend J, but it might have been a "I should have worn a skirt" and responding to laughter with "hey!  I have really good legs" at a meeting where people attended in a dressy mode.  I joke around like that a lot, often to gauge how they'd respond to an outing.  I was deep in the closet so that wasn't as much a consideration as my enjoyment of getting a laugh.

When J said she was going to throw a Mardi Gras party, and costumes were welcome, I called her and said "I'm not much for costumes.  Do you have any suggestions?"
Meg, E, J and a couple of guys

I guess my joke made a bigger impact on her than me because she said "you said you have great legs.  Why not wear a skirt?"  I said "I just might."

So Mardi Gras was my second makeup lady attempt, my first time out I think, and definitely my first time out among friends.

I also had an opportunity to out myself to a shopkeeper for the first time.  I went into a little Indian-oriented clothing shop and picked out a top and told the woman working there it was for me.  She suggested I try it on (which I did).  I put my male shirt on before leaving the changing room and she was disappointed that I didn't show her how it fit, but I heard voices and wasn't ready to be THAT far out of the closet.  It turns out it was just a radio, but I didn't know that.

When I got to the party, J didn't recognise me but immediately fell into the "new girl here" mode.  E, who I knew fairly well, was talking to someone and as she chatted she kept scanning the room.  Twice she stopped at me but kept going and I finally went up to her and identified myself.

There were a few people who knew me there, including my state representative.  He seemed genuinely surprised when I told him who I was and it was way after he left that it occurred to me that I should have gotten a picture with him.  If this happened today, I probably would have gotten a picture of us with my arm around his waist. :)

But thank you, J and E (and a few others) who let me know that Meg was real, and not just a caricature of my male self.

Meg and a new friend

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