Friday, April 24, 2015

More About Teddy

I was anxious ~ in addition to the prospect of going out and meeting someone new, she was VERY late.  I had to pick her up at a train station and after a long wait she said she'd still be a while.  My day was limited and I tried to not think about how my day out was slipping away and instead focussed on the thought that she was standing me up and my whole day out would be a bust.
     Eventually we met, and we stopped at a nearby CVS to pick up some makeup I might need.  She
Visit 2 ~ Meg the Model :)
came with her own makeup case so we were well-stocked and I had some to use next time.
     After doing my makeup, she advised me on dresses and helped me pick one out.
     She did my makeup brilliantly. She knew little contour tricks and when she was done I felt like this was the proverbial "your mother wouldn't recognise you" situation.
     We went to a nearby shopping center to look at clothes.  She wanted to stop at the 7-11 near my house for cigarettes.  She got out of the car and I did the same. She seemed surprised and said "you can wait in the car" and I said "no time like the present" and followed her into the store.  It seems no-one recognised me, or my car, and we drove on.
     And I spent so much energy on presentation that it never occurred to me to take any pictures outside of my house!
  • I was driving a car wearing a dress, makeup, wig, heels and Teddy asked to hear my girl voice.  I declined, because I was embarrassed.  I remember thinking "look at how I'm dressed, about to go face the world and I can't say something in a girlish voice?  This is ridiculous."  It is, it was, but I didn't.
  • in Marshall's or someplace similar, we split up while looking at clothes.  At one point she came up to me and held a skirt up to me to see how it would look.  I felt flushed and thought I was going to pass out until I remembered there's nothing unusual about holding a skirt or dress or blouse up to a girl.    
  • she did my makeup twice.  She's the only artiste I invited back.
  • I believe it was Teddy who said I should use a brush to apply lipstick.  I asked her why and she said it was more feminine.  She was right.  There's something sexy about applying lipstick with a brush.
  • the second time, we went to a mall and she wanted to stop to eat.  My mind told me I'd feel trapped if I was, say, in a booth and some one (or, worse, a group) was trying to hassle me.  I declined.  I could not get myself to sit in a restaurant... then.  I have done so since.
  • Teddy asked me if I had a suit.  I was surprised; I could think of no reason to get one.  She said I should.  A while later I did and I discovered I REALLY like femme suits.  I was surprised, and I wish I had places to wear them.  I think I have an equal number of boy and girl suits, and I never wear either.
  • Teddy encouraged me to buy a pair of cute ankle booties.  They weren't my style, really, but once I got them home I LOVED them.  Alas, they caused me a bit of pain and I had to set them free.
     Teddy is great and I'd recommend her to anyone.


  1. Using a brush to apply lipstick also provides better coverage. The brush works the lipstick into those nooks and crannies that might be missed otherwise.

  2. wowzers! you look absolutely amazing!


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