Saturday, April 4, 2015


A few days after I posted a Meaning of Lila, John Forgetta published a slightly different version.  I can't decide if the new one is an improvement; I do realise that by changing just a couple of words at the end he changes Boyd from fetishist to philanthropist.  I did think the former was out of character, but so is the latter.

Also, nothing to do with CD Saturday but Shoe did a version of one of my favourite all-time puns and here there's no doubt: the Mother Goose and Grimm version is better.

Click to enlarge.

The 2009 Version: excited to dress up

The 2015 Version: excited to help

Brilliant, start to finish

Extra "at" and extemporaneous and the "sort of" detracts.

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  1. Clearly, Mother Goose and Grimm know what we all know, that a pun is the lowest form of pastry.


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