Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Last Saturday...

Instead of the t-events, we went out to a regular ordinary dinner.  It was with Charity so that makes it extraordinary.  Time spent with her always is.

I noticed a little girl at the next table looking at me.  This is not unusual.  Little kids like me, or can't believe what they're seeing, or something.  I think they look and think at me: "go ahead.  Do something funny."

This little preschool girl seemed more intense for some reason.

I found out later from Charity that the girl was frantically trying to call to her parents' attention, one at a time, to the fact that I was carrying a purse.  Their response was each along the lines of "so?" and she'd respond more urgently "but he's carrying a purse!"

I think we can always count on kids to speak their minds.

What she didn't notice: Girl shirt, girl jeans, girl shoes and socks, and a filled "A" bra underneath.

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  1. So it wasn't "totally" drab!:-)
    Looking forward to Thursday's post.


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