Monday, April 20, 2015

Something Different

I want to start a series on People Who Have Helped Me Be Meg. There are quite a few, and if you THINK you might be on the list and you don't want to be, leave me a comment (labelled PRIVATE) or send an e-mail and I'll leave you off the list.

Mostly, I'll obfuscate names anyway or use initials.

I'd like to do one a day.  In these posts, I try to always be careful with my phrasing and content, but I really want these to be perfect so my schedule really depends on Thalia (my muse).  And if she leaves me blank on someone, I'll know they didn''t belong and move on but I can be stubborn and think maybe I have the wrong approach which will slow me down.

We'll see how this goes.  I don't know myself.


  1. If I were to do a series like this you would be on my list, the courage you showed taking that first flight helped inspire me to go out for the first time, and look at me now!

    1. Paula, even if you're the only one, it's all been worth it.

  2. You know Meg, this is going to be great, and a bit of a surprise, since I have always thought of you as an amazing individual. Whoever these wonderful folk are, you have taken what they afford, and made it your own.

    Oh, and Meg, you should eschew obfuscation.

    1. Thank you SO much.

      And I always do. I don't want my readers to think I'm erudite or to find my prose to be sesquipedalian..


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