Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Want Answers

The Washington Post had an article the other day:

Debate rages on over transgender elementary school student in Stafford [Virginia]

Guess what the parents are upset about?  Good guess. 

You are correct.

They aren't upset about how this little girl is going to be treated by her classmates.

They don't care about the trauma she's being forced to put herself through, to do what other kids are doing simply: being herself.

It doesn't bother them that this is going to be expensive for the family, and involve shots and doctor visits and possible surgery.

The article begins:

A dispute over which school bathroom should be used by a transgender child in Stafford County is sparking calls for guidance from lawmakers in Richmond and has spilled over into the Virginia House speaker’s heated primary battle.

Further in:

“We have now opened the door for any predatory individual — student, teacher or anyone in between — within our school system to claim the gender identity to enter the restroom or locker room of the opposite sex to prey upon our children behind closed doors,” [Erick Kingston, a Fredericksburg parent] said, 

So here's the question I want answered: how many instances of this actually exist?  

This is the trans version of voter fraud: it doesn't exist, and people panic about it only to burden people they don't like.

And I'm sick of it.  And I'm sick of the media reporting this as if it's an actual honest issue to worry about.

While I'm looking for answers, remember Indiana?  If their new "religious freedom" law is not for discrimination against the LGBT community, what is it for?  Governor Pence stated the antecedent but hasn't answered that question.  No-one in the Indiana government has (except to say outright that it will allow Christians to not serve our people).


  1. Meg -

    I'm disgusted by this too. And here's an area where even our friends need education too....

    Our friends may think in terms of vulnerability and privacy. We must remind them that we are not peeking into the stalls - we are sitting down and taking care of business. We are there for the same reasons and nothing else. And we want to be out of there as quickly as possible....

    It's a shame that these clowns have nothing better to do than to harass us. But until the trans community is visible enough to be seen as "regular people", we're going to get hassled by the bigots....


  2. We just fought off one of these bathroom bills in KY, and had a national controversy last year regards a transitioning students at a local high school - to their credit, the high school had the girl use women's facilities. To my knowledge, there has never been an assault by a T person of a GG in a women's restroom, and if there ever was, assault is already illegal. GA, TX, FL, and NV have such bills still alive. I've been told that "T people in the bathroom" is the current big issue for AFA, FOTF, etc; they've lost big on gay marriage and think T in the bathroom is an easy win and good fundraising talking point. They also don't think we'll have much gay community support on fighting them, and they know about the disagreements between some radical feminists who don't approve of T people.

  3. I'm with you on this one, Meg. I'm sick and tired of the BS that's thrown our way on this issue. Obviously these people have nothing better to do. AND they apparently think that the only thing preventing ladies from being "preyed upon" is the precious exclusion of undesirables from the ladies room.



  4. What bothers me most about these 'bathroom' stories is the implication that gender identity is somehow tied to the darkest and cruelest of perversions.

    That aside, it's asinine to think anybody would voluntarily face all the taunts and ridicule we're subjected to for faking a coming out, just so they can play peeping tom. I mean, it's not like they can secretly come out for a few minutes day, just to take a pee, and then ask everybody to forget about it.

    1. Well put Sally. Maybe each person who complains about the restroom should try crossdressing for a day and ask them if it's worth it, just to go to the bathroom. Unless they're "one of us" and dressed well, I'd guess no.


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