Friday, April 10, 2015

Sounds Like Meg?

I was going to open with "For me, voice is the holy grail of dressing" but it doesn't really deserve a place above, say, a more girlish figure or finding killer shoes that are really comfortable.  I thought of changing that to "my great white whale" but although it's something I'm very interested in, it's not an overriding obsession.

So let's skip the superlatives.

I have tried other voice programs, and I've looked on the interwebs, but that was before I moved out of my house and it was difficult to find private time to practice.  I tried practicing during my commute but it was always iffy.

I did get the first lesson in the EVA app from Kathe Perez ~ I didn't work at it hard enough because I had to be at home to practice.  I wanted to see what the second session was like but there was a long delay and then it didn't want to work properly on my phone.

I remember trying something that was repeated on many sites on the web.  People swore by the technique but all it did for me was give me days of sore throat.

One guy had a really scary technique wherein he pushed his voice up an octave or more, which also lifts the Adam's apple.  Then he pressed hard below the muscle to keep it raised.  I don't know how delicate that bit of anatomy is, but it seems like a good way to damage something related to something you might enjoy doing, like breathing or swallowing.

As far as current techniques/programs go, this is the last I'm going to try.

I'll try to be diligent and practice and I'll report back on my progress (or lack thereof).

And if I can get it down, I will add femme voice to my femme-ish presentation at work.


  1. Meg -

    This sounds like workplace transition on the sly. Am I right?


  2. I hope this goes well for you. It is certainly the hardest bit of presenting well for me.


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