Thursday, April 23, 2015

Not the First

First a Margaret postscript: in her job, she had an employee who transitioned.  I always thought she was very lucky, to have a manager like Margaret.

When I was ready to go out, I decided to have someone do my makeup and help me choose an outfit

Teddy's Handiwork
and escort me shopping for a short trip.  Craigslist was the obvious place to look.

I had a few answers to my first ad and some opted out after corresponding and some agreed to help.  I chose one, she came over (for one, I went to her place), we went out.

Each outing was different; each time, the results were different.  And prior to each there was a long list of demands by my then-wife (she would be away with the kids).  Most were nonsensical but I agreed to all to keep the peace, although in reality I had the upper hand: she had no way to "penalise" me if I didn't agree. However, it was the right thing to do.

Teddy was my third makeover lady.  I don't believe I went out the first time; it was just makeup and photoshoot.  Four months later, I had a makeup lady do me up for the Mardi Gras party. Teddy's first visit was the following day, then almost two years passed before we did a repeat.

Teddy was the best and most memorable.  I would have enjoyed just hanging out with her, in drag or drab.

She lives in DC and I'm still not sure what her primary job is.  She's an entertainer/actress/comedienne/writer.  She sends out a little astrology blast every new moon.  She does makeup and works with the gay community, although I don't know the details.

More tomorrow.

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