Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The "Girl"

My poll is broken.  It seems to be a blogger problem.  When I last checked, the votes were all for love/like but it was down for as much as a day before I noticed it was zeroed.  Stay tuned.

There was a girl at the Renaissance Fair last weekend.  I've seen this character before.  She tries to look as hideous and common as possible and acts (pick one or more) crazy, flirty, or witch-ish.

This one was dirty and flirty.  I saw her sit on a bench watching the king and queen receive nobility and other important members of the shire, and she would sidle over to the guy sitting next to her and lean on him or reach as if to put her arm around him.

I was behind her but I moved around to the other side of the little stage and used my high-power zoom to get a couple of pictures.

Lady?  You tell me.  I'm not convinced.

By the way, there were a number of kilts there, including one knee-length black pleated skirt.  Is that Scottish or just a guy wearing a skirt?

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