Monday, May 5, 2014

Fancy Gloves, Though, Wears Macheath Dear

The Signature Theatre in Arlington, VA, currently is home to a revival of The Threepenny Opera.  I

have heard about this show for a long time, and I like the musical numbers I'm familiar with.  Playing at Signature means I don't have to go into DC and the ticket price was low enough that Meg couldn't resist.
Plus, theatre is ALWAYS a good excuse for dressing UP!

I decided on a dress I've worn a few times.  It's dressy, cute, and I think it looks good on me.  The back is kind of low, but over the few previous days I went into shaving overdrive.  I removed every bit of hair that might show under any street clothes.  Well, every bit I could reach ~ my back wasn't quite bare, but it was bare enough for this dress.  I decided to wear my Mary Janes so I wore sheer hose instead of going barelegged.

More tomorrow, but I will mention that I was not the only crossdressed male in the theatre.


  1. Meg -

    I can't wait until tomorrow's posting.... You'll have to tell us more about that other male.

    BTW - How was the $0.03 Opera?

  2. The dress looks fabulous on you!!! hugs!

  3. Great Dress -Your Ex Long Island now San Jose friend

  4. Did you visit a whiskey bar afterwards? Oops, wrong Brecht play. Ah, don't ask why....... Theater is a great cross dressing occasion.


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