Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Simple Pleasure ~ No Contacts!

Well, I've been talking about it and thinking about it for months now.  I've been haunting websites, comparing looks and prices.  I've been observing peers to see what they wear.  And I finally took that last step.

I bought girl glasses.

I have a lot of limitations for getting glasses.  I kind of like the "Tootsie" frames but my vision is bad enough that I'd look like Percy Dovetonsils if I wore large frames.

I have to get the thinnest plastic possible, to reduce weight and a couple of odd visual effects: at the edge of my vision, fluorescent lights can prism and straight edges bend.  It's cool, actually, but distracting.

I kind of like small frames but I have blended glasses (like bifocals but less obvious) so I need larger frames.

I kind of like rimless but they often aren't available in my prescription.

What was left were a range of frames I rated from "ugh" to "these are OK" but nothing I loved.  Plus, I like to change my accessories and now I'd be stuck with one.  Even though I often find an accessory I stay with (my Coach bag, my black pumps), I like the option of changing (I carried a smaller grey purse on Sunday; I'll be in open-toed shoes soon).  Glasses are too big an investment for me to change on a whim.

So I picked a not-too-expensive "these are OK" frame and now I have an option I didn't have before: I can skip putting in/taking out my contacts, which is like using a Microsoft operating system: sometimes easy, sometimes hard, always an adventure.  I've had nights where I try to put a contact in a half dozen times before it will stay in, and nights when I've tried a dozen times to pull one out, each attempt a bit more painful than the one before.

And it means I can shave a few minutes off of getting ready/unready.  I think you'll see these more in the future.
Take a gander and take the poll.


  1. Meg -

    I love the glasses. They soften the face, and make it less recognizable if someone knows you in boy mode...


  2. love the glasses, love the smile, you're beautiful.

  3. I think you'll find, as I did, that it's just easier to get ready and get defrocked, and let you do more, longer, out. I'm sure that you, like me, want to do anything you'd do as a guy, enfemme. Taking out contacts along the side of the road while cross dressed, and being scrutinized by a county sheriff in Bastrop County, Texas, is something I never want to do again.

    1. Getting scrutinised by a sheriff in Bastrop County TX was on my girl "to do" list. Guess I'll use your experience and scratch it off. :)

  4. Great specs. Glasses are on my pink bucket list. I will buy online as they are only for pottering around in my oversized closet.

    1. I got mine at zennioptical (I think) has much cheaper frames, if you're just wearing them around the house, but GET OUT OF THAT CLOSET ALREADY!


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