Friday, May 30, 2014

Faire Winds and Following Seas

Sorry!  Yesterday's post didn't get published in the morning!

So I went to the faire in drab.  I wanted to look around and maybe do a bit of shopping.  There's the
The outfit.
basic Renaissance Woman outfit:
bodice: long (pretty much a dress) or short (shirt length).
underskirt: if you don't have a long bodice, you can wear a skirt that extends past the outerskirt so you see a few inches of hem.
skirt: over the underskirt.
corset: maybe with shoulder straps, maybe not.

The skirt can be switched and you can wear the bodice as a dress and the other skirt as an underskirt.  And the underskirt is optional, when it comes down to it.

I don't have any of those things, but I decided to look and see what I could find at the faire anyway.

We looked at corsets.  I like the ones with straps like I wore last year, but mostly they showed more "modern" corsets, with clips in the front and laces in the back ~ the sort of corset you'd find in a fancy lingerie store.

That's what I was trying on.

We were looking and I was wondering what size would be correct when the saleslady in the picture from the other day came over and asked Charity what size dress she wore.  Charity said it was not for her and the saleslady laughed and turned to me and asked what size pants I wore.  I told her, she asked what colour I was interested in, and she pulled out a corset she thought would fit me.

Click to see if she falls out of her corset. :)

She explained how to put it on, and I tried on two.  The first one fit OK, a bit tight, but I wanted to try one one size smaller.  I do want to lose a bit of weight and sometimes I'm over-optimistic.

Some shoppers looked and smiled and moved on.  The youngish girl behind the register seemed to enjoy seeing me try on the corset.

At the end, I again pulled out the picture (above) on my phone and showed it to both the fitter and the cashier.

It cost way more than I wanted to spend, but I figure it's a one-time purchase that should last a long time, since I'll (probably) only wear it at the faires (although it does give me quite a figure!).

So I bought it.  I'll consider it an early birthday present to me.



  1. Meg,

    Thanks for sharing the corset story.

    It appears substantial, and you got a chance to have it fitted. Might have to make a trip down to the Faire!

    Did it do for you what it did for the fitter? I couldn't tell with the T-shirt.:-)

    And we are counting down to what....??

    Bobbie Brown

  2. Oh, and did you get the smaller one?

  3. Hi, Meg:

    Nice corset. If you've never used one, don't go for full compression all at once. You should wear it some each day for awhile and VERY gradually over time make it tighter and tighter. Your body will adjust and you'll be able to wear it comfortably for long periods of time if you let the body adjust.

    Don't get too hooked on the fab figure it will give you. Done right, you'll have a great waist and hips to die for use of bathroom w/out requiring removal of the corset.

    Now the reason for my note! What are you counting down for?


  4. Good luck with the corset. I have four that do not work for me. I have a black and a while four hook corsets that just flare out at the top and bottom and do not come close to being smooth under my dresses and skirts. I have a black and a print 5 hook corsets that do not flair out as much but just are not properly fitted and of virtually no use to me at all. I think part of the problem may be that I was too optomistic about my potential corseted waist size. To be candid there is only so much a corset can do and in my case it just may not be possible to "make a silk purse out of a sow's ear".

  5. I wear a corset whenever I dress these days. I recommend it highly for creating a more girlish figure. You do get used to it over time.


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