Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Simple Pleasure: Cute Packaging

Badly Drawn Cartoon with Sappy Storylines

Oops.  Sorry.  I scribbled a note to myself that said "Wednesday post: PAN DORA."  I just realised I meant "Pandora."

Most days, I wear my charm bracelet.  As I mentioned a few months ago, sometimes, I borrow Charity's Pandora-ish bracelet.  It's a knockoff and is proving it by changing colour in a way that silver never should.  (One of my favourite rings is doing the same.)

On the bracelet is a star of David, a high-heel shoe charm, an owl, a barrel with hearts around it, and three glass beads.

As the discolouration worsened, I considered getting a new bracelet.  I wore the old bracelet to a Pandora store.  I responded to the saleslady's "can I help you" query with "I'm looking for a bracelet."  She said "who are you shopping for?"

I hate that question.  Is it anybody's business?  I'm always tempted to say "it's my mistress's birthday.  I'll be paying cash" but I don't.

This time, I simply held up my wrist and said "I'm looking to replace this."

She was helpful, but I was kind of annoyed at the question and not in a good mood while shopping ~ and shopping for nice things is something I normally enjoy.

After selecting the bracelet, she handed me off to another saleslady for some reason.  The first

saleslady said "he'd like to purchase this bracelet."  The second saleslady said "who are you shopping for?"
I frowned and the first saleslady jumped in with "he's buying it for himself" and then looked at me like she was wondering if she had it right.  I have worn jewelry to a store that's not for me ~ for instance, I've worn a necklace because I wanted to find matching earrings and didn't want the necklace to get all tangled or knotted or possibly lost in my pocket.  Of course, I didn't MIND wearing the necklace, but still....

I was going to just replace the old bracelet with the new one and leave it where it sits when it's not being worn and see how long it would take Charity to notice.  But the woman put it in its little box, and put the box in a cute little shopping bag which she closed.  Then she took out tissue paper and I was thinking "shouldn't the paper go in before the back is closed?" but she made two little decorations out of the paper and I knew I had to show the bag and spoil my surprise.


  1. Meg -

    Were you Pretty or Drab when you went to the store?

    It sounds like they were poor salesladies from the way you write about this experience. But they also lacked training on how to deal with a wide variety of situations - which would be enough to have me shopping elsewhere.


    1. I HOPE I wouldn't get that question if I was in drag!

  2. Don't toss the old bracelet. Get a bottle of Tarn-X (grocery store near the Cascade), dip the bracelet in the Tarn-X for an hour or so, rinse it off, let it dry, and it will probably be back to a more normal silver shade. Good stuff to have around.


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