Thursday, May 29, 2014

In Olden Days a Glimpse of Stocking...

...was pretty much nonexistent at the Renaissance Faire.  At least amongst the girls in costume.  In
not my hand.
fact, it was quite warm and probably none of the drab visitors wore stockings either.

The Virginia Renaissance Faire is on the small side.  It's in a winery in Spotsylvania (I would have preferred Pottsylvania, but...).  There was quite a crowd there; I suspect a lot of people came from downstate, to enjoy a faire without having to travel another hour and a half to get to the Maryland one.

The VA faire was more kid-oriented than others I've been to.  There were lots of educational activities and events kids would probably enjoy more than adults would.

At one tent, they were selling mail-type jewelry and accessories.  They had chain mail hacky sacks, the headpieces that look great but rip out huge quantities of hair when removed, and more.  I was looking at one piece and had no idea what it was.  Something similar is in the picture here.  It's that picture = 1000 words thing.

A salesgirl saw I was confused and came over and picked up a pink one and put it on my finger/wrist.  Then she turned to someone else and loudly said something about how amusing it was that she would put a pink bracelet on a man.

Before leaving the booth, I showed her the picture of Meg at last year's faire and said "it's not that big a deal."


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  1. It may not have been your hand, but the jewelry on it looked good...



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