Thursday, May 15, 2014

What Can I Say?

If someone asked me to go to a cocktail party or happy hour I'd say no thanks.  If they said, you'll probably have met maybe a half of the guests before I'd still say no thanks.

Sometimes, introvert trumps.

It's actually not easy, for me, to go to a soiree.  There is some history of going to soirees now, and it's all good.  So it appears the urge to stay out of crowds is deeply ingrained indeed.

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I always prepare myself by planning to introduce myself to the nearest person.  Yes, that increased anxiety but oddly enough having a plan helps.

As I move around, I keep doing that, until I really can't.  I don't know what makes me hit that limit.  Fortunately, I'm not the only girl with that strategy.

It's just one more thing I don't understand about myself.

I met some new girls, and one spouse who had never gone out with her partner before, and I met Beth's partner, and I had a nice chat with Steffi.  I got to spend some time with our hosts, Pamela and Chris ~ always a high point of my evening.

There were many more, including, of course, Sharon, who was nice enough to drive us there.

And there was a crowd.  The picture above shows the girls who didn't mind having their picture taken (some did; some spouses didn't want to be in pictures).

Sam, keeping Julia steady
Meg and Christine, planning to take over the world
Because someone said I was standing "like a dude"

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  1. Just a couple of fun stories from people I talked to.
    One married CD was leaving the house dressed and her wife said, "Are you wearing that?" She [the wife] didn't care that her husband was going out dressed; she just thought that her dress was way too short. And one of the CD couples (CD and wife) that came together. They did a little accessorizing at the mall before arriving. And just before leaving, they both re-did their lipstick and it appeared to be the same color. I asked them if they were sharing the same tube of lipstick, and they acknowledged that they were. So cool!


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