Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Boo Blogger!

My (quite unimportant) poll doesn't seem to be working.

As I said, the last time I checked and there were actual votes, it was overwhelmingly "love the glasses" with a few "like the glasses" and no negative votes.

It was about 24 hours before I checked again, and it's possible the results then were 34 positive and 300 negative.  But I'll be optimistic and assume if no-one sends a comment or note saying "ewwwwww" the results I saw were indicative of the final.

So glasses are now an option.

Mostly, in drab, I wear glasses.  I'd prefer to not, but with glasses, I have two options: leave them on for general work or take them off for really close work.  Hey, that's just the way my eyes like to be.

With contacts, I don't have that choice, unless I get flip-ups. :)

Game days, I bring reading glasses but they're not ideal.


Contacts are better because you all can see my purty baby blues better.
Glasses are better because they hold more than contacts. :D


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