Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Simple But Not a Pleasure

I know I've written about this before, but it's been a while and I can't find the right posts.

I've had days, especially in my early outings, where I am thrilled to get back home because I can kick off my shoes.  I don't know if the shoes fit poorly or if I was not yet used to walking in heels, or something else, but my little toe would rub against the shoes to the point that I'd have a blister on each small toe.

I started wrapping my little toes in band-aids and that helped.  I'd walk a bit different and the blister or callous would appear at the base of my toes.

Then it stopped.  I forgot the band-aid a few times and then I just didn't need them.  I don't have permanent callouses to block the formation of blisters ~ they just don't form.

Last Saturday, I discovered that maybe sometimes I do still need that band-aid.  It was only on my right foot, but my toe was very uncomfortable by the end of the day.  It might be due to the sheer hose, something I haven't worn in quite a while (I've been barelegged or in tights).  Or it might be because that toe (the one I keep breaking) is now permanently out-of-whack.

I put two band-aids in the bag with my makeup primer, cover stick, and foundation.  I always start my face before putting on my hose, so that should keep me from forgetting.

And painful walks.

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