Friday, March 14, 2014

Workin on the Railroad

We sat down for a railroad game called 1830.  It's a strategy and tactics game I had never played before, and I figured I'd be at a distinct disadvantage.  Actually, four of the five of us would be at a disadvantage since only one guy had played before.  We were warned that the game might run 3-4 hours, but I figured we could stay on schedule if the game finished in that time frame.  My idea was, change and go to dinner around 5:30 and we'd be at the theatre by 6:30.  I was told parking was limited and the doors open at 6:30 (no assigned seats).

The game did drag on.  First, the experienced player had to explain the rules.  Once we got the hang of it play went faster but it was slow starting.  At one point, one player left the game and the person who sat down needed the rules explained AGAIN (to the guy who made the "we're casual here" comment previously).

At 4:30 it seemed like we might finish in time; the game was over when either a player had a city without a train (a game requirement) or the bank ran out of money.  Out of the huge stack of money it started with.

As it got closer to 5:30 we started wondering if we were going to miss the end of the game or the show.  I took advantage of a point where the other players had to make potentially lengthy moves and went upstairs and put on my "show" dress.  I also took the opportunity to touch up my lipstick; everything else seemed to be in place.

5:30 came and went and I started nibbling on snacks, figuring I could skip dinner and go directly to the show, if I left no later than six.  Instead of the actual finish we short-circuited two rounds and ended at that point.

No dinner for now.


  1. Been a while since I played that one. I had occasion a couple of weeks ago to help a newbie who was playing Ticket to Ride, but he still made the other people crazy with his slow play.

  2. Must of enjoyed the game to stat with it. Does sound like it's helping your eat less diet too!!


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