Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Be Safe

Last night I went to a local bingo fundraiser.  The plan was for Meg to go, but instead I went in drab, to check the place out first.

Generally, I know what to expect when I go somewhere: shopping, dining, theatre, movie....  When I flew to Kansas, I scoped out the airports and trip once, then flew the second time.  Even though I've been to many casinos, I checked out "my" casino in Las Vegas in drab before going there as Meg. 

Almost every time, I decide going out is (relatively) safe and comfortable; in El Paso, I decided it was not.

Sometimes, I have no choice but to jump into the deep end.  Civilian game night was one such case, and I had an exit strategy (if I was unwelcome, I'd exit).

What could go wrong at bingo?  I had no idea.  But I wanted to check out the venue, the people, the restroom situation before sending Meg out.  Because I could.

It turns out the worst I would have done is focused the spotlight on Meg.  On about game 4, I got a bingo and said the appropriate buzzword.  Someone came over to verify and at that time I learned that you need to have a double bingo in order to win in this session.  You need two of: vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal line, corners, "postage stamp" (the four upper left boxes) or "inner corners."

Who knew?  I mean, other than everyone in the place but me.

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  1. I also like to scope out a place before I go there dressed. That is not always possible but the place that I go to most often I went there the first time in drab. It is an LGBT friendly bar/club and I went when the first opened for the evening and asked if it would be OK for me to come while dressed. A few weeks later I went as Pat. I am not sure if the bartender/owner put the two of us together but since then I have been back several times.
    They have Drag Queen bingo on Wedndsday nights and the first time I went and played I did not understand the different games that were being played. As each number was called I would mark the number on my card. I thought I had a bingo but that game was only for Bingo along the top line of the car. Not too embarassed to keep coming back.


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