Monday, March 3, 2014

Looks Like a Rash Decision.

Last week, I mentioned that I tried Nair.  I also mentioned that it felt uncomfortable after a few minutes and I didn't leave it on for the maximum time, as I usually did with Veet.

Last time, Veet produced serious pain and abrasions on parts of my body.

Nair didn't produce pain, but it also didn't do as good a job at removing hair.

It did leave behind the little abrasions, particularly on one upper arm.  It's like running a rasp over my skin and looks as bad.

Although the Nair tube was used entirely when I did my arms/underarms/top of chest, due to a simple twist of fate I do have a second bottle.  I plan to try that on my legs to see if it works better there.  I'll also try to not damage my skin any further ~ this weekend Meg should be getting out once again (yay!).


  1. meg, darlin' try going to the "breastform store" they have what they call "moom" which is designed for our tougher to deal with hair without the burning.

  2. Nail on underarms? Wow that would hurt.


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