Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Little Gender Silliness from Brian Crane

This is Scholastic Chess weekend so I'm in Roanoke with my younger player.  I've been at the state tournament with one or both boys playing every year since the 3rd millennium began.  It's an insane weekend for both parents and players: lots of running around trying to get seats for the next game, figure out when/where meals will fit in, driving all over the state.  I think I'll miss it when we're done.

Pickles is one of those rare strips that both appear in the Washington Post and are funny.

The first three are a recent sequence.  The other two have just been sitting in my queue for a while.

Gramps has been seen before wearing women's clothing, and I've outed him here each time.

LOVE this one!

Dunno why.  He looked really cute. :D
Then don't wear capris.  Silly man.

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  1. These are wonderful! I can't really see anybody calling Gramps "Miss" though....


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