Tuesday, March 4, 2014


 One of my readers clued me in to Moom 4Men.  I have a couple of questions for the manufacturer and I'm waiting for answers.

It's a sugaring product, it claims to be "virtually painless" which I don't believe.

Normally, when there's a product for men and a product for women, I gravitate towards the women's one.  Hair is different enough on men and women that, if there's one specifically for men, I think I'll have to use it.  However, that's one of the questions I asked the company.  The other is, is it OK for men's faces.  They say it's OK on faces, but, again, men's and women's facial skin and hair are very different.  Interestingly, the women's product seems to be in two flavours, one with lavender, one with tea tree.  Both are estrogen mimics.  The men's product has aloe vera.

There are other similar products, some for women, some for men, some don't specify (so for women, probably).  There's a Nair for men.  The Moom claims to be organic and with natural ingredients and since my reader likes it, I'll give it a try.  I may do a side-by-side trial with Nads, another sugaring product.  I'll decide in a few days.

Non-T-stupid-joke department:

Q: What day of the year is a command?
A: OK, this doesn't work in most of the English world, where they'd say "4 March."


  1. You could also say 'When can you you be asked for the truth'?............July!
    Happy experimenting with the creams

    Shirley Anne x

  2. here is the link i found the product on. i did a "moom" internet search and came up with some other site as well, i believe that's the site you visited.



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