Friday, March 7, 2014

More Less Hair

I hope I'm not getting in a rut, going on and on about hair removal.  I've been wearing glasses since I was seven.   A few years ago I saw an ad for Lasik surgery.  They posed the question, "wouldn't you love to wake up in the morning and not have to fumble for your glasses?"  My answer: "yes, but I'd rather wake up in the morning and not have to shave!"

The other day, I mentioned Moom 4Men which a reader clued me on to.  I overanalyse stuff, sometimes to the point of paralysis.  I'm working on it.

There are many sugaring products (which this is).  I like the fact that it's organic.  Their website's FAQ shows their product being used on the upper lip area.  The accompanying diagram clearly showed a woman's lips.

I initiated a short e-mail exchange with their service department.  I asked:

Can Moom 4Men be used on men's faces?  It's unclear.  Also, what is the difference between the men and women's products?

The next day they replied:

M4Men should not be used on mens face [sic] as the hair is to coarse.  The difference is the essential oils. Mens MOOM has Aloe Vera and Buswellia.

Please make sure to read instructions carefully.  MOOM should never be used hot, only warm.  The thiner [sic] the layer, the better the results.

I followed up with:

Are there any other areas where use is contraindicated?  The neck or chin perhaps?  Are the oils really different or can we share the woman's Moom?

and recieved:

It t [sic] should not be used on men's face including chin and neck as the hair is too coarse. Yes, men can use the woman's MOOM.  If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact 1.800.492.9464 and our customer care department will gladly help you with your queries.

I got the feeling they wanted to end my e-mail discussion, but I was done anyway.  I do plan to order Moom.  For women. :)


  1. Meg -

    Look in the men's shaving area of your local store - I have often seen at CVS a men's facial depilatory cream there....


  2. Have you seen the TV ads for the NoNo device? Have you considered something like that?

  3. yeah they also advice against the pubic area, i'm guessing they had some bad results due to the hair on the face and pelvic regions are similar. i have already purchased moom4men and a few other products from the site; however the fracking postal service said they couldn't deliever it due to the address and shipped it back. now i have to wait for the breast form store to *laughing at the moment* to ship it back down to another address i had to give them. well thank you usps for messing up my weekend plans.


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